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26th Annual Key West Songwriters Festival Schedule Announced

The Key West Songwriters Festival is the premier spot to see numerous Piratehead Radio artists all in one spot over a week long celebration of songwriters.

Check out the 2022 schedule:

2022KWSWF-Sched.pdf (

Jesse Rice will be at Dante's Thursday at 5PM, Friday 3PM at the Ocean Key Resort Sunset Pier and Saturday 10PM at the Rock House Live.

Some other Piratehead Radio spotlight artists include:

Cliff Cody and Friends getting the whole party started Tuesday, May 3rd at the Island Dogs Bar. See Cliff with his fellow troubadour, Arlis Albritton at Dante's Wednesday, May 4th at 2PM. See Cliff again at the Bloody Mary Bash 10AM Thursday morning.

Clayton Anderson swings into town 3PM on Saturday at the Havana Cabana and stays for Mother's Day Brunch Sunday at the Southernmost, 12PM.

Also be sure to check out:

Claire Wright

Nick Norman

Lewis Brice

Rob Snyder

Riley Green

Chris Young

And many, many others....

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